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Swaraj Pumps stands at the forefront of manufacturing corrosion-resistant Non-metallic and Metallic Centrifugal Pumps, ensuring safety and efficiency in handling diverse chemicals for various industries worldwide.

Global Safety Standard

Committed to safety, our pumps meet international standards, offering secure solutions for chemical transfer applications across diverse industries.

High Quality Pumps

Renowned for Excellence in Engineering and Unparalleled Quality, Setting the Benchmark for High-Quality Pump Solutions.

About Us

Providing Pumping Solutions, Unmatched Excellence

Swaraj Pumps, a leader in fluid handling, is synonymous with innovation and excellence. Our commitment to cutting-edge technology and global safety standards ensures unparalleled solutions for diverse industries.

Innovative Pump Solutions

Swaraj Pumps pioneers fluid handling with innovative solutions, incorporating advanced technology for efficiency and reliability.

Excellence in Safety

Our pumps adhere to the highest global safety standards, providing secure and trustworthy solutions for a wide range of chemical transfer applications across industries.

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Years of Experience
Our Products

PVF Series

(PVDF / FEP / PFA Lined Pumps)

PE Series

(UHMW.PE / PP / GFRPP Pumps)

SSP Series

Side Suction Pumps

VGP Series

Vertical Glandless/Sealless Pumps

NCP Series

Anti-Corrosion Pumps - Internal Seal

SE-SM Series

Horizontal Back Pull-Out Pumps

SCIP Series

Horizontal Closed Impeller Pumps

VNS Series

Vertical Long Shaft Pumps (VS4)
Why Choose Us

Innovate. Elevate. Fluidize

Swaraj Pumps: Pioneering Pumping  solutions with innovation, reliability, and sustainable excellence.

High Quality Pumps

Renowned for Excellence in Engineering and Unparalleled Quality, Setting the Benchmark for High-Quality Pump Solutions.

Global Sustainability

Choose us for environmentally conscious solutions, promoting sustainability in every aspect of our operations.

Enhanced Customer Satisfaction

Enjoy personalized service, tailored solutions, and responsive support to meet your fluid handling needs.

Proven Excellence

With decades of expertise and a track record of customer satisfaction, trust Swaraj Pumps for unparalleled quality and performance in the industry.

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How We Work

Pumping Solutions, One Pump at a Time

1. Understanding Your Needs

We start by comprehensively understanding your fluid handling requirements through detailed consultations.

2. Customized Solution Design

Our expert engineers tailor a solution specifically for you, utilizing cutting-edge technology and decades of industry expertise.

3. Precision Manufacturing

With a commitment to excellence, our state-of-the-art facilities ensure the precise manufacturing of pumps, meeting the highest quality standards.

4. Responsive Support and Beyond

After purchase, our commitment extends with continuous support, maintenance, and dedication to your satisfaction throughout the product's life.

Partnering for Success: Your Vision, Our Commitment